We.P1.13 -Invited Demonstration-

Norihiro Sugimoto1,2, Yoji Iida1,2, Hideo Kawada1,3, Tsugiteru Toda1,4, Yoshiro Yamaoka1,5, Hirotaka Hayashi1,6, Hisamori Yamamoto1,7, Yuuki Shimizu1,8

1Stray Cats Group, Japan, 2Sakuradai High School, Japan, 3Kounan High School, Japan, 4Wakamiya Commercial High School, Japan, 5Kasugainishi High School, Japan, 6Ishin High School, Japan, 7Kita High School, Japan, 8Gifu University, Japan

A lot of students think Physics is difficult and uninteresting. This is one of the reasons why the number of the students who study Physics in the high school has been decreasing. Our group has been studying what makes the Physics classes worth learning for students to improve the situation above and found that we need to reconstruct the Physics classes from the viewpoint of the learners (students). We think there are two keys there. One is to find out how students form their scientific recognition and to reconstruct the classes along the students' recognition process. The other is to use simple, essential and pleasant teaching materials in the classes to show "Physics is fun.", "Physics exists everywhere" and "Everybody can enjoy Physics". In this conference we show the experiments on acoustics that we have investigated for the purpose written above. The experiments we show are not the complicated and special ones like commercial equipments but they are made from the materials around us including junks or materials from trash box. But we think such experiments can draw Physics from the limited world only in the textbook to the real world we live in and stir students' curiosity and creativity. We hope you will enjoy our experiments and exchange the ideas with us.